Feedback helps authors in several ways. Honest tips help us to grow and gushing praise keeps us motivated, pushes us through the numbing writer's block and the hours upon hours connected to our keyboards.

What is the best thing that you can do to give back to your favorite authors besides buying their books?

Go to Amazon and Goodreads and leave a review! Reviews are a writer's lifeblood. I cannot stress this enough. Reviews are vital. Without them, a book passes into obscurity. We are judgmental creatures. Readers don't want to buy a book that doesn't have several good reviews--and I don't blame them.
"Books can truly change our lives: the lives of those who read them, the lives of those who write them. Readers and writers alike discover things they never knew about the world and about themselves." - Lloyd Alexander

“Whenever a book elicits tears from me, I know it's a good book. I shed several in this one. The author has woven a beautiful story of four orphans who become separated, the twists and turns in their lives, and how they are able to reconnect twenty years later.”  Dianne Harman, author

“This is an amazing story. I cannot recommend it enough. Nothing like your normal read. It has a raw truthfulness to it that I adore.”  WaAr

“I realised from the start that this book would be an extremely emotional read. However, what I didn't expect was what Maggie's journey would stir up in me. I found myself so proud of all of the characters, as their struggles have shaped them into wonderful people."  Lynn Worton

"It honestly is amazing that even though they all were together when they were young, went their separate ways, they all came back together and can help each other heal. This is a very touching story and one that I recommend to everyone. Pick it up."  Autumn Fallen Over Book Reviews


"This book would be ideal touching, feel-good movie that'd probably sit nicely next to A Beautiful Mind and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Heart-warming, from a story of four orphans separated when they came of age and what their lives held for them afterwards."  Demelza Carlton


"The author doesn't shy away from a subject that needs attention in our world, that, of orphaned, and abandoned children! Do yourself a favor, READ THIS BOOK! You just may have your eyes opened, and I can assure you, that your heart will be touched! Sounds like a good way to spend a few hours, doesn't it? I certainly thought so!"  Barb Urban


"I can't get enough from this author! They are so thought provoking & will make you wonder if these things still happen. Some of you might think back to your childhood & remember how lucky you were."  Amazon Customer


"Rene Schultz has captivated me once again with the House of Stone. I just love how she writes with emotion, love and from her heart. She is amazing at capturing life at it's best and at it's worst. She had me laughing, grinning from ear to ear, balling, and sitting at the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next."  V. Roberson

"Rene has done it again. I received this as a gift for an honest review but I had this on my wish list since reading Bishop Street. It was wonderful to immerse myself in the world of the orphans again. This installment was more action and romance packed than the original as each orphan dealt with a test to their "safe" worlds. They deal with it together as a true family and show their new maturity and strength. Rene is an author who can build a world, inhabit it with believable characters and suck you in to the point you never want to leave."  Maria Lunn

"Rene Schultz is one of my favorite authors. I've read her books over and over, because once is never enough to catch all of the subtle shadows in her masterful weaving of the stories.- Jada Ryker-author

 This is the third book that I have read by Rene, and let me tell you I can not wait until her next one comes out! This is my absolute favorite by far. I read this book from cover to cover this afternoon, I just couldn't put it down."  JMS

"Be prepared for this story line to touch you in a personal way and don't be surprised if the outcome helps you become a stronger person, too. I can hardly wait to read her next book, YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!! Until then, read everything written by this author; you will NOT be disappointed. HAPPY READING!"  Vici Townsend


"If I Could is another amazing 5+ star read by author Rene D. Schultz! Each book that she has written has instantly become my favorite (until the next one comes out) and each one has a message, a moral and an eye opening experience occur that really makes the reader stop and take a minute to process, think and reflect."  Stephenee (Nerd Girl Reviewer)


It is strange how life can change on a dime. For those injured that lived, life will never be the same, and if nothing else this novel recognizes the importance of having balance in your life, and knowing what is important in your life. One again, I wish to thank Rene in allowing me to share her journey. She is a very talented author, and one to keep on the radar. I will definitely be reading more of her books."  coccotoro

"I have read her subsequent books since then and each time I feel she cannot improve, she does. Its not her writing that improves, its the stories she comes up with. The heart felt messages that are within those pages and her ability to breathe life into each character that she writes about. So much so, that you see them in your minds eye, you hear them talking in your ear. For someone to have the ability to do this for a reader is a true talent."  Sue Ward, #3 UK reviewer


"When you look at all the reviews that Rene has received for the books she has written, you see 5 stars every time! That alone should give you some idea as to the caliber of books she writes! Another home run by Rene Schultz!!"  Jacqui

"Truly amazing read that I loved every word of. Now my mind wanders to what Rene will write about next. If you've not read anything by this author go 1-click. You won't regret it!"  Philomena Callen, #2 UK reviewer



"I love that Rene has a message in each of her books and can't wait for the next book to come out!!! I am being honest when I say that she is amazing and that I love each of her books so far, even though they are all completely different, they all come together with a moral, a life lesson and an amazing journey!!"  (Stephenee, Nerd Girl reviewer)

"Rene’s books always resonate with me. I read a lot of books, and not every author can do that. As with her other books (Done Deal and Bishop Street, check them out!), Broken Image resonates as well. She writes about life experiences that we can all relate to. That is what draws me to her books and keeps me turning pages to see what happens next."  Cynthia B.

"Schutz did an amazing job of developing the characters and story line with this book. Her words draw you in from the beginning, and you experience every emotion that Mercedes feels."  CT

"Throughout this story - well written and engaging as it is - I found myself wanting to recommend that historically great British trait - the 'stiff upper lip'. Clever and analytical with well developed characters and an engaging storyline - I'd recommend this book as a good read."  R. P. Rochford, author


"Rene D Schultz tugged on my heart stings with a tow truck, and didn't let go until she dragged me a good 1,075.2 miles across the US to California. My soul was torn to shreds and I fell in love with everybody in the book! From Cissy, to Princess Tessa, to Dr. Cal, to Borg."  R Delrio

"A great book to get involved in. Lots of interesting facts about computer geeks, political non-integrity, etc. A personal in-depth look at what it is like to fight cancer unto death. Cissy is my hero. – Amazon customer

 Done Deal was a very emotional roller coaster for me. Rene Schultz writes with passion and from the heart of true life experiences. Done Deal is about a loving Mother and a Friend with a Heart of Gold. But she was handed Cancer."  Valerie Roberson (Nerd Girl reviewer)

"Done Deal was a very emotional roller coaster for me. Rene Schultz writes with passion and from the heart of true life experiences. Done Deal is about a loving Mother and a Friend with a Heart of Gold. But she was handed Cancer."  Rene’s Getaway, blogger

"This book is written very well, as a person with cancer herself, I think she did a great job describing how they feel and much more. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone out there."  Makayla (Cutting Muse Blog)

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